The main business project of the ProfiPro Company Ltd. is distribution of rock salt from mines in Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Romania and Ukraine, in the western states of the EU. The production of these mines, which is mined at a depth of 500 meters, is mostly high quality for a very reasonable price. A significant part of the price of salt is for transporting and logistics. Therefore, the main know-how of the company is the ability to ensure the continuity of supply of required quality, quantity and price. Customers in EU are mainly interested in natural salt blocks that nobody else delivers. They are suitable for eco farming, bio farms and all outdoor farms, including wild animals.

   Salt block is very hard, because of its age, 250 million years, and animals only lick it. Of course despite the weather it lasts  much longer than artificial licks. It is very proven in Scandinavia, where they bring salt for wildlife in remote areas. Apart from feeding salt, our company supplies road salt for winter road maintenance, salt tablets and other products.